Sand for raising your pavement can be used for multiple purposes. Such as, filling of a low surface, filling up a pond etc.

This sand is not suitable for other applications other than raising and supplementing. It is the most economical type of sand available. Take note that the sand can vary from colour, depending on the region in which it was extracted.

Important: this sand meant for raising pavement usually needs to be compacted with a vibrating plate. This can cause the sand to settle in. So consequently, you need 10% more sand that theoretically calculated due to the settling.

Order sand directly with a container

Terms and conditions:

  • Price per cubic meter (m³)/li>
  • Transport costs are included when ordering a waste container
  • It is possible to order sand by all waste containers, except closed 10m3
  • If you do not want to order a waste container you can still order sand (meant for raising pavement) separately. You will be charged €80,- (VAT excluded) for transport costs.
  • Maximum amount of sand per container:
    • Sand:
      3 m³ waste container = 2 m³ sand
      6 m³ waste container = 5 m³ sand
      10 m³ waste container = 8 m³ sand

Prices excl. transport (€ 80,00):

1m³ € 43,50
2m³ € 61,00
3m³ € 78,50
4m³ € 96,00
5m³ € 113,50
6m³ € 131,00
7m³ € 148,50
8m³ € 166,00

All prices are VAT excl.

Order sand directly with a container

Order sand directly without a container

Afvalcontainers Rijnmond ophoogzand container

€ 123,50 – € 246,00 excl. VAT

Order sand without a container